Fee Structure 2017-2018
Fee Indians & SAARC Nationals International/Foreigners
Registration Fee (Non Refundable) Rs. 5000/- $ 200.00
Admission Fee (Non Refundable) Rs. 20000/- $ 700.00
Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs. 20000/- $ 600.00
School Fees (Per Term)
Class I to III Rs. 100000/- $ 3000.00
Class IV to VI Rs. 120000/- $ 3000.00
Class VII to VIII Rs. 130000/- $ 3500.00
Class IX to XII Rs. 180000/- $ 4000.00
(1st Term- April to September)

(2nd Term- October to March)
Imprest Deposit
All Miscellaneous charges, including uniform
school supplies and other expenses of this
nature would be debited to the account of the student.
Rs. 30000/- $ 1000.00
1. 1st Term Fee is payable at the time of admission by 31st March.
2. 2nd Term Fee is payable by 15th August.
3. Delay in payment of fee will attract late fine.
4. Student joining or leaving in a term has to pay full one term fee.
5. Students remaining in the Hostel during vactations will be charged Rs. 2500/- ($ 100 for parents domiciled abroad) per week.