‘Remarkable performances by Pestlewanians as AkhileshVerma emerges champion in the Senior Boys Group andstudents of Pestle Weed College made a clean sweep in Group-B’Dated: 2 nd October 2016, On the pious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, infurtherance to the initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri NarendraModi, Principals Progressive Schools’ Association Uttarakhandorganized ‘Swachha Bharat – Swastha Bharat’ a mass awareness runand Slogan Competition today at Pestle Weed College, Dehradun inwhich approximately 3000 students & teachers participated fromvarious Public & Government schools viz. Cambrian Hall, DoonCambridge School, Doon International School, Gautam InternationalSchool, Children’s Academy, The Asian School, Sant Kabeer Academy,Jimp Pioneer School, Shalini Memorial School, Delhi Public School,Galaxian International School, Doon Bhawani International School, MaaAnandmayee School, Kay Cee Public School, Manava Bharati IndiaInternational School, Drona International School, Siddharth PublicSchool, Govt. High School, Malsi and the host Pestle Weed College. HisExcellency, Dr. Krishna Kant Paul, Governor Uttarakhand graced theoccasion with his benign presence as the Chief Guest. This awareness drive was an e4ort made by the children to makepeople environment conscious and to enlighten the fellow citizens forrational use of non-renewable resources to the optimum e4ect,importance of trees for our own existence and how to go about forsustainable development. The run was organized under four groupsnamely, Group-A (Boys Classes IX to XII), Group-B (Boys Classes VI toVIII), Group-C (Boys & Girls Classes IV & V) and Group-D (Girls ClassesVI to VIII). A Slogan Competition was also organized on this occasion inwhich students displayed handmade charts & models on varioussensitive environmental topics such as: - Deforestation, Rapidurbanization and Unplanned Construction, Deterioration of Rivers dueto lacks of sewage & drainage system, Hazardous e%ects ofPolythene., Chemicals & Chemical Fertilizers, Green House E%ect, Lackof Harmony between Flora & Fauna, Importance of preservation of wildlife for the cause of human existence, Decreasing level of undergroundwater reserves, Sound & Noise Pollution, Inhaling of toxic gasesemerging from Vehicles & industries, Unauthorized slums in River bed,Inadequate drainage system, Untreated drinking water, Lack of recycleplants for degradable substance, Lack of awareness regarding oxygenplants at crossing for inhaling, Meat shops/ Butcher House/ FishMarkets, No attention to damaged roads, Lack of Kuda Daan ‘Use Me’,Lack of legislation for de9ant people and Lack of certi9cate ingardening. Cambrian Hall School lifted the Group-A overall trophy, Pestle WeedCollege grabbed the Group-B overall trophy, Children’s Academygrabbed the Group-C overall trophy and Group-D overall trophy waslifted by Doon International School. The ;rst three position holders inGroup-A were Akhilesh (Pestle Weed College), Anuj Panwar (MaaAnandmayee School) and Vishal Rawat (PWCIT). In Group-B there was a clean sweep by Pestle Weed College andPranay, Viraj and Anmol secured the top three positions. In Group-C,Sumit Panwar (Pestle Weed College), Akshit Sirola (Sant KabeerAcademy) and Neeraj (Children’s Academy) were the top threewhereas in Group-D, Jyotsana (Doon International School), VanshikaAhuja (Children’s Academy) and Jaishika (Doon International School)secured top three positions. In the Slogan Competition, Pestle Weed College emerged as the ;rstposition holder whereas Children’s Academy secured second positionand Maa Anandmayee School stood third. The Slogan Competition wasjudged by Mrs. Zareena Bath, Mrs. Jyotika Samsher and Dr. (Mrs.) GeetikaMehrotra. The President PPSA, Shri Prem Kashyap enlightened the augustgathering with the aims & objectives of PPSA. He said, “PPSA hasalways strived to make valuable contribution towards educational andsocial upliftment, this pious programme ‘Swachha Bharat – SwasthaBharat’ is a glorious example of the same.” Shri Kashyap congratulatedthe winners under various categories & events and the otherparticipants for their massive participation and making the eventgreatly successful. He further said, “It is our prime and foremost dutyto keep our surroundings clean & hygienic and if each one of us does itdiligently, the entire nation would be clean and beautiful. We all owe toour motherland and this is something that we can contribute atleast asa part of our personal and social responsibilities.” The Chief Guest of the day, His Excellency, Dr. Krishna Kant Pauladministered the oath of Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, a mission initiatedby Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. His Excellencycongratulated the winners, participants and organizers of the SwachhaBharat, Swastha Bharat event. His Excellency said, “Gandhi Ji dreamt of a developed India for whichhe had stressed to work for at least 100 hours per year for cleanliness,it is our moral duty to keep our surroundings clean and encourageother people also to do the same which will together contribute for abetter and cleaner India.” He also stressed on Simple Living HighThinking. His Excellency gave away the prizes to the winners ofdi4erent events & categories. Shri D.S. Mann, Sr. Vice President PPSA proposed the Vote of thanks. The other dignitaries present on this occasion were Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Mr. A.K. Das, Mrs. H.K. Chhabra, Maj Gen (Retd.) Chander Nandwani, Dr.S.C. Biala, Mrs. Kiran Kashyap, Brig (Retd.) G.S. Bath, Mrs. Anisha Arora, Mr. Akash Kashyap, Mrs. Rashi Kashyap, Mr. B.P. Uniyal, Mr. JatinSethi, Mr. Vineet Kumar Sharma etc.