2ND DAY OF ALL INDIA NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF PRINCIPALS & TEACHERS AT PESTLE WEED COLLEGE, DEHRADUN Dated: 17th December 2016, On day one the Resource Persons dealt in detail on the problems and challenges of Child Centric approach, Teacher Centric approach and Curriculum Centric approach. There were also a variety of group activities which brought the participants to the conclusion that there are no ideal students, or difficult student. There are only children with different abilities and talents. First session of the second day was the presentation by Dr. (Mrs.) Sheela Taori, an Eminent Educationist. She elaborates her views on a very sensational sub-theme, ‘Growing incidences of violence& discipline problem’. Speaking in length and breadth on the topic, Dr. Sheela Taori threw light on various reasons for growing incidences of violence and indiscipline among the students. She said, “A teacher has to maintain a sustainable connectivity with his/her students and must know the varied needs and aspirations of students”. She also emphasized on imparting value education through our rich and sacred heritage as Ramayan, Maha Bharat, Bhagwat Gita to our future generation. The second session was presented by Dr. Harish Chaudhary, Professor, IIT New Delhi on the topic, ‘School Education- Community Service or Community’. He stressed upon Learning by doing and advised the teachers not to impose only the bookish knowledge on the children. He said, “Teacher has to be a role model for his/her students as students tend to imitate the teacher”. Mrs. Seema Tuli, Principal, Amar Jyoti School of Inclusive Education, New Delhi presented the third session and elaborated her views on the topic, ‘Future ready: Inspire, connect, Transform’. Her session was an eye opener for the delegates as her presentation on ‘Inclusive Education’ was an intellectual treat to everyone present in the Conference. She said, “Inclusive Education is a wide term to understand and to practice, but those who are practicing this, have done wonders”. The delegates were highly impressed to learn that how disabled children became self-depended and self-reliant. Another intellectual treat was offered to the delegates by Shri Ashok Ganguly, Former Chairman, CBSE who spoke on the topic, ‘Promoting creativity and innovation in schools’. Mr. Ganguly said, “Assessment is a process of teachers and students working together, assessment is not something that is done to students, assessment is to improve learning and for the teacher to know how effective he/she is, so as to bring about the necessary changes”. Shri Ganguly stressed that Teachers were required to be creative and innovative so should be the Head of the institution; new methodologies and technology were to be constantly introduced in the school curriculum. The fifth session of the day was presented by Dr. Vineet Gupta, Senior Psychiatrist, who very articulately shared his expertise on ‘Chronic Stress, Burnout and Psychosomatic Disorders’. Dr. Gupta said, “Parents and Teachers have to understand and be united in thinking that stress given to the child will only lead him to poor performance and a subdued character, it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to ensure a stress free environment in the school as well as at home”. The next session was presented by Mrs. Gunmeet Bindra, Principal, Welham Boys’ School on the theme, ‘Discipline, Cause and Remedies’. Mrs. Bindra pinpointed the causes of discipline as well as their remedies in order to counter the challenges being faced by the schools in the present scenario. The President PPSA, Mr. Prem Kashyap expressed his satisfaction on the day long proceedings which were enriching and extremely beneficial for the teachers and the dignitaries present on the occasion. Shri Kashyap said, “The prime objective of this conference is to widen the mental, spiritual and psychological horizons of the teacher community so that when they go to their respective schools after being equipped with the necessary traits that are being fostered in the ongoing conference, they are refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges with extra zeal and enthusiasm”. 18th December, the third and the culminating day of the Conference will be dedicated for the Principals and Chairpersons wherein, Dr. Kamal Taori, Dr. Harish Chaudhary and Shri Ashok Ganguly will be elaborating their views on ‘Attitudinal Realignment of School Leaders’, ‘Measuring up globally – Reinventing School Education for Excellence’ and ‘Instructional Leadership – A Conversation with Principals’ respectively. The Valedictory Ceremony & Award Ceremony of the Conference will begin at 3:00 p.m. on 18th December 2016. (Vineet Kumar Sharma) Chief Admin. Officer